Summer Flower Display + Stand

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30% off + free display stand worth £131.49

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Our Summer flower display stand includes a large selection of artificial flowers, offering an exciting splash of summery colour to create a fantastic display! We’ve hand-picked a complementary set of flowers and textures to make for an eye-catching stand, straight from the box. Included in this bundle:

S3689368cm Opera DahliaCream/Pink24
S3688864cm Daphne RoseLilac36
S3688968cm Opera DahliaCream24
S3689464cm Ball Dahlia with budCream24
S3689764cm Ball Dahlia with budBlue24
S3690778cm Flocked Pom Pom SprayBlue12
S3690578cm Flocked Pom Pom SprayPink12
S3690678cm Flocked Pom Pom SprayWhite12
S3695352cm AnemoneLilac48
S3703986cm Delphinium SprayWhite24
S3704186cm Delphinium SprayPink24
S3704386cm Delphinium SprayPurple24
F8005675cm Seeding EucalyptusGreen48
F8005575cm Seeding EucalyptusPurple48
F8012342cm Dusty Miller PickGreen24
F8012542cm Dusty Miller PickGreen/Purple24
S3695652cm AnemoneBlue48
S3703066cm Wax Flower SprayPink48
S3690478cm Flocked Pom Pom SprayGreen12
S3673748cm Zinnia SprayYellow24
S3673648cm Zinnia SprayCream24
S3695552cm AnemoneYellow48
S3702966cm Wax Flower SprayYellow48
G208742m Display Stand with BucketsBlack1

Please note, images shows both sides of the stand – there are different flowers on each side.