Exotic Flower Display + Stand

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30% off + free display stand!

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Our Exotic flower display stand includes a large selection of artificial flowers, offering an exciting splash of exotic colour to create a fantastic display! We’ve hand-picked a complementary set of flowers and textures to make for an eye-catching stand, straight from the box. Included in this bundle:

F2045554cm Calathea Bundle x 3Green24
F8005780cm Velvet Monstera StemGreen24
F8014780cm Fan Palm LeafGreen12
S3678557cm Pincushion BanksiaCoral24
S3694267cm Astilbe Europa SingleCream24
S3694367cm Astilbe Europa SingleYellow24
S3694467cm Astilbe Europa SinglePink24
S3694667cm Astilbe Europa SinglePink/Green24
S3697170cm Anthurium SingleGreen/Pink24
S3696970cm Anthurium SingleBurgundy24
S3697070cm Anthurium SinglePeach24
S3703266cm Protea SinglePink24
S3703366cm Protea SingleRed24
S3703466cm Protea SingleWhite24
S3658385cm Oriental LilyDark Pink24
S3678457cm Pincushion BanksiaYellow12
S3678357cm Pincushion BanksiaWhite12
S3673948cm Zinnia SprayCoral24
S3673848cm Zinnia SprayPeach24
D0527250cm Sun SpearBlack6
F8019372cm Eucalyptus SprayGreen48
S3696670cm Calla Lily SinglePurple24
S3696770cm Calla Lily SinglePink24
G208742m Display Stand with BucketsBlack1

Please note, images shows both sides of the stand – there are different flowers on each side.