Autumn Dried Bundle

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Our dried bundle includes a selection of dried flowers, offering an exciting array of textures for your display. We’ve hand-picked a complementary set of flowers and textures to make for an eye-catching display, straight from the box. Included in this bundle:

D0521075cm Setaria Bundle Dried Paper Wrap 100gYellow30
D0521175cm Setaria Bundle Dried Paper Wrap 100gOrange30
D0521240cm Billy Balls Paper WrapNatural20
D0523150cm Bell Cup StemOrange24
D0523250cm Bell Cup StemYellow24
D0523950cm Badam StemNatural24
D0524350cm Shola Chip FlowerOrange24
D0524450cm Shola Chip FlowerYellow24
D05293DSVDried Phalaris Bundle Ochre 75gOchre18
D05296DSVDried Babala Bundle 10 Stems BleachedBleached24
D05323115cm Pampas Bundle BrownBrown24
D0522080cm Preserved Parvifolia 150gGreen40

*Display Baskets Not Included